hello beautiful friends!

My name is Amanda (she/her). I'm a mama and wife based in the Bay Area, CA. We've got two pups, Oliver and Coraline, and a crazy amount of house plants. I’m a super active hiker and tea drinker. My hobbies include traveling with the family, yoga, hiking, eating kale, dancing, taking pictures, sitting in nature, making weird noises, creating friendships and spreading kindness like wildfire! I have a bold personality - Hiii, I'm an Aries sun, Scorpio moon, Sagittarius rising! Crystals, chakra's and meditation are my thang. The universe is full of power and we can harness it whenever we choose. I am a feminist and human rights advocate. I believe that women are THE most amazing beings on earth + ALL bodies should be celebrated.

I love to travel. Our family believes that experiencing different cultures and places helps us grow. Our favorite way to travel is by road-tripping. We love the journey, not just the destination. I have dreams of living abroad. Maybe in the next couple years I'll just pack a bag + my boys, animals and plants and head to New Zealand! Fingers crossed!

I truly believe that everyone matters. Like EVERYONE! Human connections are what make life worth living. The more lives I touch means the more lives who touch mine. My goal in life is to inspire others to be the truest form of themselves. I hope to share joy, love, and laughter with the rest of the world.

Let's be friends, share some laughs, dive deeper than the surface and take some photos together.

these humans pictured below ...

They're my two boys. My life. My heartbeat. They add the craziness and laughter to my days. This life wouldn't be nearly as fun without them. I thank the heavens for them on the daily.